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The VIP Porta Potty Experience

The average person’s experience with a porta potty might not always be a pleasant one. Usually, they will have used a standard unit at an outdoor concert. This could be one of dozens of units that hundreds of folks have been using. There is no telling when those units were last serviced. You shouldn’t let that experience ruin the idea of porta potty rentals especially if you’re planning a special event.

Consider your options. Suppose you’re holding a wedding reception in your backyard with a hundred invited guests. Now imagine at some point all one hundred of those guests will need to go to the bathroom at some point in the day. Would you feel comfortable opening up your home for that flow of traffic? Would your plumbing be able to support all that traffic? What if something goes wrong? Do you want to break away from your memorable day to find a plunger? You can avoid all of that by setting up a porta potty rental. Best of all, you can opt for the VIP experience when renting your unit.

The VIP porta potty experience will have you renting a top of the line unit. This won’t be the standard “blue box” you see on most construction sites. Instead, it will be a fully functional bathroom on a trailer. Typically, these units have white exteriors that will definitely fit into any wedding decorating theme! Inside, are comfortable toilets, sinks with running water, mirrors, lights, vinyl flooring, and a vanity counter. In other words, everything your guests would expect from a home bathroom.

Rent a VIP Portable Toilet For Your Next Event

The VIP porta potties can be enhanced with your own personal touches. You can arrange with your florist for vases of fresh flowers for the interior. Outside, you can drape bunting and lace. There have been some party planners that erect a tent and provide comfortable seating just outside the VIP porta potty.

In terms of how many units you should provide, that would depend on your guest list and how long you anticipate the event running. A good rule of thumb is “one unit per 50 people.” The VIP porta potties can come as a double unit for added convenience.

With a VIP porta potty, you’ll be insuring your guests’ comfort without adding any stress to your party. One call to our service reps will get your unit schedule. That will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about as the big day approaches.


Beyond the VIP porta potty rental, you might find the need to rent a standard unit. This could be when you are hiring a small work crew at your home for a remodeling project. If you’re investing in real estate and are refurbishing a property, then your crew numbers are going to go up. For these types of projects, renting a standard porta potty unit is a good way to go. These are the units that every construction worker will be familiar and comfortable with.

By having a porta potty on your site, you’ll be keeping the workers happy and close by. You don’t want them wandering off in search of the nearest gas station. That is going to slow down your project.

For an extended rental, your porta potty will be serviced at least once a week. On that service call, the unit will be flushed out, cleaned and restocked. As long as it is place near the street, our service techs won’t have any trouble getting in and out. This service is included in the weekly rental package. You can also schedule additional service calls if the need arises.

If you need a porta potty right away, give us a call. We often can provide same day service. Add it all up and it’s clear that if you’re increasing the number of people at your home you should rent a porta potty. You’ll be glad you did!