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Your Porta Potty Rental Questions Answered

Let’s cut right to the chase: If you’re planning to have a lot of extra people come to your home, do want them using your bathroom? A small dinner party is no big deal. What we’re talking about are the bigger events like an outdoor wedding reception or family reunion. “Extra people” can also mean work crews who are replacing a roof, building a deck or remodeling your kitchen. With that kind of project, those workers will be more “strangers” than guests. Although you should trust them, that doesn’t mean you’ll want them wandering around your home looking for a bathroom especially if you’re not going to be home.

Instead of worrying about those commons situations, you can handle that extra bathroom traffic by renting a porta potty unit. Here are some common questions you might have about renting a porta potty:

How fast can I get a unit delivered?

The closer you get to a big event or work project, the greater the potential for things to fall through the crack. If you forgot about bathroom breaks, then we can help by getting a porta potty to your property extremely fast. The best option is to call two days in advance. However, there have been many times when we got an emergency call in the morning and were able to have a unit delivered by lunchtime. Give us a try and see how fast we work!

Do I have to rent a porta potty for a whole week?

Not unless you need to. For special events, you can rent a unit for a single day. It might turn out that your unit will be delivered the day before and won’t be picked up until the day after. You’re free to use that unit for the duration of time it is on your property but you’ll only be charged for the single day fee.

Are the units clean?


Upon their return to our facility, all of our units are power-steam cleaned. That includes total sanitizing and restocking. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. As far as we’re concerned, clean units mean happy customers and that’s what keeps us in business.

How many times do I need to have the unit cleaned?

If you are renting for a single day event, you won’t need a service call. For weekly contracts, we recommend service every seven days. These service calls will be automatically scheduled in advance. The only time you need to call in is if you want an additional service. Take note that these service calls are included in the weekly rental fee.

Where can I put the porta potty?

For a construction job, you can place the unit anywhere on your property where there is a flat surface and direct access to the street. The units need to be within 25 feet of the curb to allow our service reps access. If you’re putting the unit on your property, you probably won’t need an additional permit. Only when you are on the street or public sidewalk will you have to secure the proper permits. There is a little more flexibility with the placement of single day rentals but there will still need to be a clear path for our forklift or trailer to get to.

How many porta potties should I rent?

For a small work crew (under 15 people) you only need one unit. That will cover multiple visits over multiple days. On the single day events, you should consider one unit for every 50 guests. This will insure their comfort and prevent long lines. We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you. Additionally, we can provide OSHA guideline requirements for construction sites.

Can these porta potties be wheelchair accessible?

We’re all about accommodating our clients and their guests. If you have special needs requirements, then let our service reps know and they’ll make sure you get the right unit for your event. We even have special porta potties that come equipped with diaper changing stations.

How do you deal with the smells?

The fluid in our porta potty tanks is a combination of sanitizer and deodorizer. This helps break down the waste and leave a fresh smelling scent behind.

Are you ready to rent your porta potty? Our scheduling representatives are standing by to help.