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Picking The Perfect Porta Potty

Picture this scenario: You’re throwing a very special event and want to make it memorable. This could be a graduation party, a family reunion, a company fundraiser, or a wedding reception. The common denominator is that you’re going to have a long guest list. Maybe over a hundred people gathered in celebration. Where will they be going to the bathroom?

Now, consider this: You’re remodeling your patio or kitchen or you’re installing a new roof. You’ve got a work crew who will be toiling away for several days. Where will your crew be going to the bathroom?


The answer to both of those bathroom dilemmas can be provided with a hassle-free porta potty rental. There is simply no better way to provide bathrooms for large groups other than porta potties. Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger. All you need to do is schedule for the unit rental. Our service personal will drop off and pick up the units. For extended rentals, they’ll do all the cleaning. This means you’ll be taking care of your invited guests or work crews without extending any effort. You’ll also be saving your own plumbing from the strain of all that increased used. Clean and direct: That is the porta potty way.

Here are some factors to consider when picking the perfect porta potty:

Stick With A Reliable Renter

You’ll want to rent a porta potty from a company that services your community. We have units standing by to service a wide variety of areas. You just need to pick the branch closest to your location and we’ll be able to set you up with a porta potty rental ASAP. In many instances, we only need one-day notice before securing your unit.

Use The Unit That Suits The Occasion

A work crew knows all about porta potties. They have been using them every since they swung their first hammer. For these types of rentals, a basic unit will meet your needs. When it comes to your special events, you might be pleasantly surprised at the upscale options you have available. We can provide elegant facilities that are mounted on trailers. These units are equipped with mirrors, hot and cold running water, lighting, flushing toilets and private stalls. Depending on the situation, you could even find a unit that has built in heat and/or air conditioning. These units will provide your guests with all the comforts of home.

Get The Right Number Of Units

How many porta potty units you’ll need depends on the amount of folks who might be using those units. Typically, a single unit can handle 50 guests during the course of an evening or afternoon event. Keep in mind, that if you’re serving alcohol, the frequency of bathroom trips increases. A work crew of 4 to 15 will definitely be fine with a single porta potty rental. If you’re unsure of how many units you should rent, just let out schedule representatives guide you through the options. That’s what they are there for!

Think About Special Needs

This applies to those big parties you’ll be throwing. We have porta potty units available that are handicap accessible. Others have diaper changing stations. It’s just another way you’ll make your guests feel welcomed and taken care of.

The Choice of Extras

Beyond the basic porta potty unit, you can opt to enhance your rental with such extras as portable sinks and hand sanitizer units. Some of our units are available with 100 to 250 gallon tanks that allow for plenty of water and waste storage. A hook up to a nearby water supply, can allow for those sinks to be fully operational. In terms of personal touches, you’re encouraged to customize your porta potty however you see fit. This can mean bringing in fresh flowers or scented candles. You can even spruce up the outside with lace and other decorations. It’s your chance to be creative.

When you’re ready, our helpful staff will be standing by to assist with all your porta potty needs. You’ll be making everyone happy when they’ve got someplace to “go.”