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Straight Answers For Your Porta Potty Questions

Whether you’re throwing a party or supervising a construction project, you’ll be dealing with a lot of details. With the party, you’ll be planning a menu, making sure everyone has someplace to sit, dealing with the music, and securing parking. On the construction project, you need to make sure your crew has the plans and materials. It is certainly a lot to juggle. One thing you might initially overlook is the issue of bathroom facilities. Where will everybody be taking a break when “nature calls?” The solution to that question will probably be the easiest and stress-free item you’ll be dealing with. All you need to do is rent a porta potty unit.

Questions For The Construction Porta Potty Rental:


How fast can I get a unit out to my construction site?

If renting a porta potty is a detail you forgot until the last minute, we’ve got you covered. It’s best if you can schedule in advance, but we can also accommodate for next-day rentals. Call us on a Monday and you could have unit at your site by Tuesday.

How many times are the units cleaned?

For extended porta potty rental contracts, we recommend at least a once a week service call. Our service technicians will come out to your site to pump out the waste, sanitized the unit and restock the tissue. That is all included in the rental contract. If it turns out that your unit needs additional service, that won’t be a problem. Just let us know.

Will I have to get a permit?

That really depends on where your specific job site is located. If you’re keeping the porta potty on your property like a front yard or driveway then you probably won’t need the permit. However, if the street or sidewalk is the only option then you might need permission for our techs to set up the porta potty. Just tell us where you’re located and we’ll let you know all the rules and regulations.

Where can I place the unit?

The location of your porta potty rental comes down to a matter of accessibility. It needs to be situated at least 25 feet from the curb to allow out service reps access. When they are cleaning out the unit, they’ll be using long hoses for the pumping.

Questions For The Event Porta Potty Rental:

How many porta potties should I rent?

A good measure is one unit per 50 people. Even with 50 people, two units should insure there will never be a long line.

Are there porta potties that look nicer for wedding receptions?

Absolutely! We have many elegant units mounted on trailers. These are the same comfortable accommodations used when movie productions go on locations. These units can be equipped with fully functional flushing toilets, mirrors, and sinks. It’s as close to a home bathroom that you can get without going home!

Can we decorate the porta potties?

Along with a variety of styles to pick from, you’re free to spruce up the units as you see fit. If you have a special party theme, you can carry that theme over to your porta potty decorations. Even the addition of colored strings of lights can enhance the surroundings. Many costumers have fun with their porta potty rentals by literally rolling out the red carpet outside the door. You can also add flowers, candles and even reading material, if you like.

Where can I put the porta potty?

Essentially, we need a flat surface that our trailers can have access to. If this is a one-day rental, you don’t have to be concerned about having the unit close to the street for a service call. When you call to schedule your rental, our helpful staff will be able to pick the perfect spot for your porta potty.

The moment you set up your porta potty rental will be one less thing you have to worry about.