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The VIP Porta Potty Experience

The average person’s experience with a porta potty might not always be a pleasant one. Usually, they will have used a standard unit at an outdoor concert. This could be one of dozens of units that hundreds of folks have been using. There is no telling when those units were last serviced. You shouldn’t let that experience ruin the idea of porta potty rentals especially if you’re planning a special event.

Consider your options. Suppose you’re holding a wedding reception in your backyard with a hundred invited guests. Now imagine at some point all one hundred of those guests will need to go to the bathroom at some point in the day. Would you feel comfortable opening up your home for that flow of traffic? Would your plumbing be able to support all that traffic? What if something goes wrong? Do you want to break away from your memorable day to find a plunger? You can avoid all of that by setting up a porta potty rental. Best of all, you can opt for the VIP experience when renting your unit.

The VIP porta potty experience will have you renting a top of the line unit. This won’t be the standard “blue box” you see on most construction sites. Instead, it will be a fully functional bathroom on a trailer. Typically, these units have white exteriors that will definitely fit into any wedding decorating theme! Inside, are comfortable toilets, sinks with running water, mirrors, lights, vinyl flooring, and a vanity counter. In other words, everything your guests would expect from a home bathroom.

Rent a VIP Portable Toilet For Your Next Event

The VIP porta potties can be enhanced with your own personal touches. You can arrange with your florist for vases of fresh flowers for the interior. Outside, you can drape bunting and lace. There have been some party planners that erect a tent and provide comfortable seating just outside the VIP porta potty.

In terms of how many units you should provide, that would depend on your guest list and how long you anticipate the event running. A good rule of thumb is “one unit per 50 people.” The VIP porta potties can come as a double unit for added convenience.

With a VIP porta potty, you’ll be insuring your guests’ comfort without adding any stress to your party. One call to our service reps will get your unit schedule. That will be one less thing you’ll have to worry about as the big day approaches.


Beyond the VIP porta potty rental, you might find the need to rent a standard unit. This could be when you are hiring a small work crew at your home for a remodeling project. If you’re investing in real estate and are refurbishing a property, then your crew numbers are going to go up. For these types of projects, renting a standard porta potty unit is a good way to go. These are the units that every construction worker will be familiar and comfortable with.

By having a porta potty on your site, you’ll be keeping the workers happy and close by. You don’t want them wandering off in search of the nearest gas station. That is going to slow down your project.

For an extended rental, your porta potty will be serviced at least once a week. On that service call, the unit will be flushed out, cleaned and restocked. As long as it is place near the street, our service techs won’t have any trouble getting in and out. This service is included in the weekly rental package. You can also schedule additional service calls if the need arises.

If you need a porta potty right away, give us a call. We often can provide same day service. Add it all up and it’s clear that if you’re increasing the number of people at your home you should rent a porta potty. You’ll be glad you did!

Whether you’re throwing a party or supervising a construction project, you’ll be dealing with a lot of details. With the party, you’ll be planning a menu, making sure everyone has someplace to sit, dealing with the music, and securing parking. On the construction project, you need to make sure your crew has the plans and materials. It is certainly a lot to juggle. One thing you might initially overlook is the issue of bathroom facilities. Where will everybody be taking a break when “nature calls?” The solution to that question will probably be the easiest and stress-free item you’ll be dealing with. All you need to do is rent a porta potty unit.

Questions For The Construction Porta Potty Rental:


How fast can I get a unit out to my construction site?

If renting a porta potty is a detail you forgot until the last minute, we’ve got you covered. It’s best if you can schedule in advance, but we can also accommodate for next-day rentals. Call us on a Monday and you could have unit at your site by Tuesday.

How many times are the units cleaned?

For extended porta potty rental contracts, we recommend at least a once a week service call. Our service technicians will come out to your site to pump out the waste, sanitized the unit and restock the tissue. That is all included in the rental contract. If it turns out that your unit needs additional service, that won’t be a problem. Just let us know.

Will I have to get a permit?

That really depends on where your specific job site is located. If you’re keeping the porta potty on your property like a front yard or driveway then you probably won’t need the permit. However, if the street or sidewalk is the only option then you might need permission for our techs to set up the porta potty. Just tell us where you’re located and we’ll let you know all the rules and regulations.

Where can I place the unit?

The location of your porta potty rental comes down to a matter of accessibility. It needs to be situated at least 25 feet from the curb to allow out service reps access. When they are cleaning out the unit, they’ll be using long hoses for the pumping.

Questions For The Event Porta Potty Rental:

How many porta potties should I rent?

A good measure is one unit per 50 people. Even with 50 people, two units should insure there will never be a long line.

Are there porta potties that look nicer for wedding receptions?

Absolutely! We have many elegant units mounted on trailers. These are the same comfortable accommodations used when movie productions go on locations. These units can be equipped with fully functional flushing toilets, mirrors, and sinks. It’s as close to a home bathroom that you can get without going home!

Can we decorate the porta potties?

Along with a variety of styles to pick from, you’re free to spruce up the units as you see fit. If you have a special party theme, you can carry that theme over to your porta potty decorations. Even the addition of colored strings of lights can enhance the surroundings. Many costumers have fun with their porta potty rentals by literally rolling out the red carpet outside the door. You can also add flowers, candles and even reading material, if you like.

Where can I put the porta potty?

Essentially, we need a flat surface that our trailers can have access to. If this is a one-day rental, you don’t have to be concerned about having the unit close to the street for a service call. When you call to schedule your rental, our helpful staff will be able to pick the perfect spot for your porta potty.

The moment you set up your porta potty rental will be one less thing you have to worry about.

Picture this scenario: You’re throwing a very special event and want to make it memorable. This could be a graduation party, a family reunion, a company fundraiser, or a wedding reception. The common denominator is that you’re going to have a long guest list. Maybe over a hundred people gathered in celebration. Where will they be going to the bathroom?

Now, consider this: You’re remodeling your patio or kitchen or you’re installing a new roof. You’ve got a work crew who will be toiling away for several days. Where will your crew be going to the bathroom?


The answer to both of those bathroom dilemmas can be provided with a hassle-free porta potty rental. There is simply no better way to provide bathrooms for large groups other than porta potties. Best of all, you won’t have to lift a finger. All you need to do is schedule for the unit rental. Our service personal will drop off and pick up the units. For extended rentals, they’ll do all the cleaning. This means you’ll be taking care of your invited guests or work crews without extending any effort. You’ll also be saving your own plumbing from the strain of all that increased used. Clean and direct: That is the porta potty way.

Here are some factors to consider when picking the perfect porta potty:

Stick With A Reliable Renter

You’ll want to rent a porta potty from a company that services your community. We have units standing by to service a wide variety of areas. You just need to pick the branch closest to your location and we’ll be able to set you up with a porta potty rental ASAP. In many instances, we only need one-day notice before securing your unit.

Use The Unit That Suits The Occasion

A work crew knows all about porta potties. They have been using them every since they swung their first hammer. For these types of rentals, a basic unit will meet your needs. When it comes to your special events, you might be pleasantly surprised at the upscale options you have available. We can provide elegant facilities that are mounted on trailers. These units are equipped with mirrors, hot and cold running water, lighting, flushing toilets and private stalls. Depending on the situation, you could even find a unit that has built in heat and/or air conditioning. These units will provide your guests with all the comforts of home.

Get The Right Number Of Units

How many porta potty units you’ll need depends on the amount of folks who might be using those units. Typically, a single unit can handle 50 guests during the course of an evening or afternoon event. Keep in mind, that if you’re serving alcohol, the frequency of bathroom trips increases. A work crew of 4 to 15 will definitely be fine with a single porta potty rental. If you’re unsure of how many units you should rent, just let out schedule representatives guide you through the options. That’s what they are there for!

Think About Special Needs

This applies to those big parties you’ll be throwing. We have porta potty units available that are handicap accessible. Others have diaper changing stations. It’s just another way you’ll make your guests feel welcomed and taken care of.

The Choice of Extras

Beyond the basic porta potty unit, you can opt to enhance your rental with such extras as portable sinks and hand sanitizer units. Some of our units are available with 100 to 250 gallon tanks that allow for plenty of water and waste storage. A hook up to a nearby water supply, can allow for those sinks to be fully operational. In terms of personal touches, you’re encouraged to customize your porta potty however you see fit. This can mean bringing in fresh flowers or scented candles. You can even spruce up the outside with lace and other decorations. It’s your chance to be creative.

When you’re ready, our helpful staff will be standing by to assist with all your porta potty needs. You’ll be making everyone happy when they’ve got someplace to “go.”

Let’s cut right to the chase: If you’re planning to have a lot of extra people come to your home, do want them using your bathroom? A small dinner party is no big deal. What we’re talking about are the bigger events like an outdoor wedding reception or family reunion. “Extra people” can also mean work crews who are replacing a roof, building a deck or remodeling your kitchen. With that kind of project, those workers will be more “strangers” than guests. Although you should trust them, that doesn’t mean you’ll want them wandering around your home looking for a bathroom especially if you’re not going to be home.

Instead of worrying about those commons situations, you can handle that extra bathroom traffic by renting a porta potty unit. Here are some common questions you might have about renting a porta potty:

How fast can I get a unit delivered?

The closer you get to a big event or work project, the greater the potential for things to fall through the crack. If you forgot about bathroom breaks, then we can help by getting a porta potty to your property extremely fast. The best option is to call two days in advance. However, there have been many times when we got an emergency call in the morning and were able to have a unit delivered by lunchtime. Give us a try and see how fast we work!

Do I have to rent a porta potty for a whole week?

Not unless you need to. For special events, you can rent a unit for a single day. It might turn out that your unit will be delivered the day before and won’t be picked up until the day after. You’re free to use that unit for the duration of time it is on your property but you’ll only be charged for the single day fee.

Are the units clean?


Upon their return to our facility, all of our units are power-steam cleaned. That includes total sanitizing and restocking. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail. As far as we’re concerned, clean units mean happy customers and that’s what keeps us in business.

How many times do I need to have the unit cleaned?

If you are renting for a single day event, you won’t need a service call. For weekly contracts, we recommend service every seven days. These service calls will be automatically scheduled in advance. The only time you need to call in is if you want an additional service. Take note that these service calls are included in the weekly rental fee.

Where can I put the porta potty?

For a construction job, you can place the unit anywhere on your property where there is a flat surface and direct access to the street. The units need to be within 25 feet of the curb to allow our service reps access. If you’re putting the unit on your property, you probably won’t need an additional permit. Only when you are on the street or public sidewalk will you have to secure the proper permits. There is a little more flexibility with the placement of single day rentals but there will still need to be a clear path for our forklift or trailer to get to.

How many porta potties should I rent?

For a small work crew (under 15 people) you only need one unit. That will cover multiple visits over multiple days. On the single day events, you should consider one unit for every 50 guests. This will insure their comfort and prevent long lines. We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you. Additionally, we can provide OSHA guideline requirements for construction sites.

Can these porta potties be wheelchair accessible?

We’re all about accommodating our clients and their guests. If you have special needs requirements, then let our service reps know and they’ll make sure you get the right unit for your event. We even have special porta potties that come equipped with diaper changing stations.

How do you deal with the smells?

The fluid in our porta potty tanks is a combination of sanitizer and deodorizer. This helps break down the waste and leave a fresh smelling scent behind.

Are you ready to rent your porta potty? Our scheduling representatives are standing by to help.

“It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.” That wise old saying can apply to a lot of aspects of our lives. On a remodeling construction site or at a special outdoor event, the “need” most of your workers and guests will have is to take a bathroom break. You’ll be providing for their comfort when you’ve got a clean porta potty unit standing by. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or simply remodeling a kitchen, your work crew is going to be putting in long hours. They’re going to need the convenience of having bathroom facilities nearby. With a porta potty rental unit on the site, your workers won’t have to wander off looking for the closest restroom. More time on the site means more work getting done and that’s just what you want happening! As for your special event, the same principle applies: Your guests are going to need a bathroom break. If you’re holding this event on a beach or at a park, then you’ll want to control the “facilities” by renting porta potty units that are 100% sanitized and fully stocked. Even if you’re throwing a big party in your backyard, it makes sense to set up a porta potty instead of putting that added pressure on your own plumbing. Can you imagine 50 guests going to the bathroom in a few hours in your home? Invite them to use the porta potty instead. To better understand the scope of porta potty rentals, consider the following FAQs: potty-ship What if I only need a porta potty for one day? That won’t be a problem. Porta potties can be rented for single day event. The unit might be dropped off the day before and picked up the day after but you’ll only be charged that single day fee. Best of all, we offer very prompt service. Usually, we need 24 hour notice to make sure you’ve got a unit for your event. One call to our service center starts the ball rolling. Will the porta potties be clean? Every porta potty is power cleaned and fully sanitized after every job. In fact, we separate our heavily rotated construction porta potties from our special events porta potties. In other words, you’ll be getting a unit that is as close to brand new as possible. All of our units come fully stocked with tissue and air fresheners. What happens to all the collected waste? All the waste is transported to a local treatment facility where is will be processed and disposed of according to the state regulations. It is clean, efficient and no harm to the environment. What happens if I’m renting a unit in colder weather? Believe it or not, the same kind of anti-freeze you use in your car to keep it from freezing up is what we use in our units. The solution is mixed in with our deodorizing water that will keep the tanks from being frozen over. Again, these solutions are all eco-friendly and comply with state standards. Does the state require me to have a porta potty on my home remodel job? If you are pulling permits for your remodeling job, then you’re essentially putting the state on notice that you’re bringing work crews out to your property. In some cases, you don’t need those permits. However, you will still have a small crew of workers who will need the occasional bathroom break. You can invite them into your home to use your own private bathrooms but that might not be the best option. Instead, a porta potty works to keep the workers happy and your privacy intact. Besides, every worker knows what the porta potty is for. You won’t be insulting them by asking them to use one! As for the bigger construction jobs, our helpful dispatch staff is up to date on all the regulations and will be able to provide you with the necessary units based on the size of your job. How often will the unit be cleaned? If you’re renting a unit for an extended period of time, we recommend a weekly service call. At that time, the porta potty will be cleaned, sanitized, and restocked with supplies. For a single day rental, you won’t need the service call. When we pick up the unit, we’ll take care of cleaning it out back at our facilities.
We are excited to tell you that we have launched a new service that will help connect you with reliable and affordable construction porta potty rentals. Our team is standing by to get you connected with the portable sanitation you need to get your project under way.